Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sad 2 Days!

Today is Visitation day for my brother and the funeral is tomorrow. I have been hollow since he passed. I have grieved more for him than anyone who has passed. He was so much more than a brother to me.

The other night I got a text with this picture.Mike went and got a tattoo for his Uncle Amos. It is hard to see but the cross is for him being a Godly man, the top has a sailor hat, the middle is his name, date of birth and date of passing, the bottom has a baseball and glove for his love of baseball. Mike still wants to put a bird house on it for all the feeders and beautiful bird houses he made. I am not fond of tattoos but was really touched that he thought that much of his Uncle Bud.
On a happier note, Russ took Anna car shopping yesterday and co-signed for her another car. Since her wreck in Dec. , she had saved for a good down payment. Pretty good for a college student that works and stays on the Dean's list. She got an 08 Chevy Colbalt. It is a nice car and she is quit happy with it.
I have to make a Dr. appointment today. I still have a red rashy face and it is still swollen. Even my hair dresser yesterday commented that my face was swollen. Always nice to be told about it! LOL
Monday we meet Butch and Penny at Huntsville. It will be so nice to see someone from home, even if just for an afternoon! Huntsville is where Anna goes to school so she will cut a class to meet us for lunch. LOL She has never met them so they are in for a treat. Anna is a special young woman!
Our grandson and bride moved in their new home this past week end. They bought a house. Boy we sure couldn't have done that after 2 months of marriage!!! It is a small starter home. Can't wait until they are done fixing it up so we can go see it!
My tummy is saying feed me so I best get something top eat and take my handful of pills. You all take care!

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12-arrows said...

I used to not like tatoos until my boys started getting them and I've warmed to the idea! I do so like this one, what a tribute! I hope Uncle Bud knew how much everyone loved him, and respected him. We had planned on leaving this afternoon but with sick kids we aren't leaving until 6am tomorrow! I'm so bummed but. . . .it is what it is!