Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scare yesterday!!

I was in the swing reading (sleeping) yesterday afternoon and Russ was working on the lawn mower when Mike came out of the house to tell us the dogs had gotten out and a woman across the street came over to tell us,. Well, no one had used the gate all day. Someone had to have let them out. We figured it was kids since the buses had just ran. We will go today and get padlocks for both gates.

I went to the dr. yesterday and my liver and kidneys are fine. He thinks all the water retention I am having is from my heart.I go back to the heart Dr. on the 7th so we will see where things go from there. I feel like a balloon ready to pop!!! The sad part is I look like one too! LOL

We are going to Sam's Club this afternoon. Guess we will see if we can save any money there. Sure wish we had one here. It is a pain to drive to Temple.

I best get busy. I have curtains to wash and more windows to clean. I have to do it before Russ leaves to see the neurologist. He doesn't trust me on ladders when he isn't home? Maybe because I am clumsy???

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