Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Such a beautiful day today! It was nice and warm and no wind!!! By Wed. it is suppose to be 80!

I had to laugh at a neighbor (not the redneck) today, she said she needed us to look something up on the computer for her. When she walked in she was holding an envelope so I thought it was important. Well first of off she pulls 2 pictures out of the envelope and says "I need six of this and seven of that." Do people think ink and photo paper grows on trees?? Then she says she had three things i needed to look up for her. Turns out it was Victoria Secrets and 2 other like places. She was looking for SHOES!!! i didn't even know VS sold shoes! LOL I cracked up!

We had our first strawberries tonight. All 2 of them. I had made lemon bars so I sliced them up on top for a dessert. The were so good.

I finally joined Sam's Club. We need to go to Temple this week to pick up our card. I want to see what we can save there before I go Commissary shopping. For some reason this month the pantry is empty. All stock piles are gone and we've even had to buy things like paper towels at Wally world.

I guess I better put my thinking cap on! Russ has a birthday in 2 weeks. I know he wants a Droid real bad. If I can get the kids to help I might swing it. They never know what to get him anyway!

Dancing with the stars is on so I'll say good night!

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12-arrows said...

hew will LOVE the Droid. Den just got it, he had the blackberry storm and wasn't happy at all with it. Verizon was very good to him! The Droid is amazing and Uncle Russ will be like a kid in a candy shop with it, Den is......LOL

DWTS.....Kate Gosselin, seriously shes coming back to FLOP again! oh my goodness. I don't care for Shannon Doherty but I thought why she was dancing was touching and actually she was pretty sweet and did a good job! shocking!