Monday, May 3, 2010

Garden Report!

Friday we a a micro mess of green beans. I cooked them with a little ham and the they were delish! Yesterday I fixed pickled beets. Mike and I ate them for dinner last night. I wish I had planted a bunch more. We has to pull them because of squash over growth! We now have about 20 all that will be ripe within days of each other. Hope all the neighbors like squash! I have a feeling I will be breading and freezing a lot.

I didn't do a thing all weekend but go to the commissary. I did spend about 40 dollars less this month.

My favorite little skillet stared sticking so Sat. Russ bought me a new one while he was out. He was tired of broken egg yolks! LOL He also bought me a new phone for his birthday. We both got a LG touch. It is pretty nice, I just got the have to package with it. I decided not to get the whole net on it as I would spend too much time on FB and other stuff. I am on the computer too much as is.

This week I need to whip up some peach and orange marmalade jams. Seems like those 2 go the fastest. I have learned not to almost run out of everything and then make jelly for a week. I can't stand the mess in the kitchen!!!

I did make cucumber and onions with the vinegar the neighbor brought me. It was really good. I was not at first thrilled with mint and garlic but it did taste good. I was even nice and made her a dish of them too.

Well, the laundry is calling my name. Today is wash sheets day so I have bunch of the nasty stuff to do. I will be annoying Russ all day with the buzzers on the washer and dryer! LOL

You all have the best Monday possible!

i didn't do a thing all weekend e

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