Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning!!!! I was looking for a new font and tried on. I typed Good Morning!!!! and that is what I got!!! I looked up and thought I was drunk! LOL

I am home alone this AM. mike and Russ went fishing for the morning. It will be a busy day for Russ. This afternoon he has a blood test, has to take a paper to the doctor to be signed for Anna's school and then go stand in line to get new plates for my car. When we bought it , it was put in his name so he gets to do all the fun things with it! LOL. He has to get its safety inspection too.

Last night me neighbor called to meet her at the fence. She had been to a Sammy Show at the Expo Center and got me a bottle of flavored vinegar. It is almost too pretty to open. It is Mint and garlic. Sounds strange but she said they had samples out and this was used for cucumbers and Roma tomatoes. She said it was delish!!! Of course I am out of cucumbers and tomatoes!!! I can't keep cucumbers in the house. They are my main snack. If i get a craving for chips, I slice a small bowl of cucumbers and put a touch of salt on them with a lot of dill weed. That takes care of the chip craving and is low cal.

For you Indiana people , we may be there a couple times in June. We are going to try a trip!!!( That is if Cathy wants us) We will drive to Indy, stay a few days for Russ to rest up, go on to NJ for Christian's graduation. Since IN is half way we will go back to IN and rest again before coming home. We are trying to make things easy on Russ and still make the trip!

Ruth, you will have to bring your computer down for Russ to look at!!! And Cindy, maybe we can finally get together!!!

The part I hate worse about going to IN is my brother being gone, That will be so hard!!! We still have a hard time with Russ' sister Ginny being gone too. Her phone number is still listed on our phone. Russ just can't delete it. In the last 4 years
Russ and I have lost 4 siblings between us. We miss them all .

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12-arrows said...

oh let me know exactly when you will be there I want to come see you!!!!! and I still tear up over Uncle Amos being gone!