Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ok, I am excited!!!

The 12th of June the extended Westphal family is having a get together in the Francesville Park. There will be family there I have not seen in over 30 years, niece and nephew's kids I have never seen. I am excited!! This will be a great way to celebrate my birthday!!! (will be traveling on the 10th). We can celebrate my sister in laws too. It will be the 6th. I know there will be good eats and lots of laughter!!!

Russ was about to say we were just staying home!!! We had a bad storm the other night and for a couple days we had bad electric surges. Well, Russ finally called the electric company after seeing a busted wire over our yard. Then the AC in my bedroom went out and we had to buy another one. Then the cable went out in the living room and the cable guy found the connector on the house had burnt into. We are lucky the house didn't burn down. Then....I opened the cupboard under the sink and water started rolling out! Yep! a busted pipe!!! One Mike couldn't fix. Called our plumber right away and they couldn't
come yesterday. So they showed up at 7:30 this AM. That is a lot in 2 days!!! Makes me tired all over!!!

I made cucumbers and onions with my first 2 cucumbers this morning. Man were they good! We are having the first zucchini for dinner tonight. I could almost give up meat for all these fresh veggies! Almost!!! LOL

I best go do something. I've sat on my butt long enough!!!

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12-arrows said...

I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!! I can't hardly WAIT!!!!!!

Zucchini, oh man, my very favorite!