Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not a lot going on!

Yesterday was just a lost day! All I did was work! LOL I am trying to get things done in the house, get things together for the trip and work in the yard. I did manage to clean the utility room yesterday. It is like a hallway from the kitchen to the back door with a cutout for the washer and dryer.How something so tiny can get so messy!!! I got my computer room reorganized too. Put a bunch of things away for a later date and set up a corner of things that has to go to IN. Then it was off to clean the patio. It seems every leaf in the neighborhood finds it's way there.

Russ goes to Scott & White ( big hospital in Temple) today for his check up from his aneurysm surgery. He has appointments from 11 to 3:30. He will be pooped by the time he gets home. I will take the time to clean his computer room while he is gone! I expect I'll be in trouble tonight! He won't be able to find a thing!!

I got my chin strap in the mail yesterday! Oh my! I really look cute at bed time now!!! I put that on, then the mask on top!!! The hose is velcroed to the top of my head and I am expected to sleep like that! The longest I have made it is 12:30. I wake up and pull all that crap off and go back to sleep! I keep trying so maybe it will get better. Little Dude takes one look at me and goes gets in bed with Russ! For some reason Bo likes it and is sleep with me.

We, I am off to sort laundry and get this day started!!!

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12-arrows said...

a little at a time and you'll get used to it and maybe you'll feel so much better!