Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow! It has been awhile!!! I lose track of time!

Mother's Day here was ok. Russ took me out for breakfast and the 2 kids here were over. I got texts and calls from Kris and most of the grandkids. I called my sis in AZ to wish her a Happy Day. She is the closest I have to a Mom now.

Russ and I have heart appointments this evening. FUN! I have to ask if I can cut back on the aspirin. I have big ugly things all over my arms!Looks like I was scratched or beaten! LOL

We had a pot of green beans from the garden yesterday. They tasted so good. In a couple days we will have our first yellow squash. my second crop of radishes are really growing.

Russ & I are trying to agree on the days of our trip. I don't think he is giving enough rest time so we shall see who wins!!!!

Well, it is time to hit the shower!!! See ya later!!!!

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