Monday, May 10, 2010

Back from the Dr. I got my echo results!I am back to 45%!!! The Dr. says I am driving him crazy! Up and down!!! He did say I could take the aspirin every other day!!!
Russ is out shopping (almost 8;30 pm) We forgot tomorrow is Mike's birthday!!! There is just so much going on!!!

We will be leaving for IN the 10th of June. That is my birthday. What a way to celebrate it! I will be 67. That is old!!! The 19th of August will be our 50th anniversary. I told the kids no party. It jut costs too much. Seeing our families in June will be enough!

Wed. I go to the sleep center. Since I get out of there at 6:30 AM , Russ will stay at Georgetown in a motel. Then hurry, hurry home as he has a stress test at 11. It is [part of his annual check up on his heart!

Well, I am going to jump in bed with a good book. Tomorrow is another busy day!!!

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