Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Morning. I am so mad at myself. I am having one heck of an allergy attack. My eyes are watering, nose is running and I feel really bad. This when I need to get things in order and my notes written!!!

I cried yesterday! It started with getting the dogs to the groomer. They work on 1st come 1st groomed. Usually. We were first and done last. That po'd me to begin with. I was so sick and Russ had a 4:00 Dr. appointment. We made arrangements for trice & Anna to pick them up. Well, when they got out of the car, there was Dude. They had SHAVED him!!! They told Trice he had knots and his hair was too thick. This is the same dog they have been doing for year and a half!!! The dog has white skin, he will sun burn, I told her not too short!! Then she charged $50 for it!!! I don't care if they do live next door! They will never clip Dude again!!!

Everything seems in order for the Westphal get together on the 12. Jean has the meat order and most know what they are bring. With just all the Salrins and Lutz there are 23 people. Think it will be a fun time! Know I want lots of pictures!!!

I have the garage and utility room straightened and the pantry cleaned. It is 5:30 and I think I am Cindy!!! Th only thing is I am fading fast, think there will be a trip to Dr. Sukamar for a shot today!!!

Anna started working at Dr. Sukamar's yesterday. She went scrub shopping after work. Would you believe they have designer scrubs?? That is crazy!!!

I am going to go lie down. My head is swimming and my nose dripping!!!

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12-arrows said...

we are so excited to come Saturday! Thanks to you and Ruthie for all the prep work on the picnic!