Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It is June!

Can you believe it is June already? This year is half over, and I will soon be 67. It seems like yesterday I thought anyone in their late 60s was about ready to die! My mind still thinks I am 25 but my body calls my mind a liar!

I am still having pain on my chest. It is still bright red and itchy. That is about the dumbest thing I ever did! Beware of boiling water!!!

I have started my lists! I have lists all over the house! LOL Mike hates my lists! Every where he goes when we are gone is telling him to do something. Like clean the toilet, water plants, how to feed the dogs, etc. I bet he never reads them!@ LOL
I do like to be prepared. My suitcases are packed, my hang up clothes are in a clothes bag and I have all my bathroom stuff in a basket. We still have a week before we leave. Russ has done nothing! He says he knows what he is taking!!! We shall see!

I guess we need to tell people when to be at the park on the 12th. I'll need to talk with Ruth. I hope everyone shows up!!!

Anna should be home from college tomorrow. She took an extra fast course so she is late getting home! She will start right away interning for our family doctor. Can't wait to see her in scrubs!!!

I guess it is time to hit the shower! See ya all soon!

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12-arrows said...

I'm so much like you Aunt Enid, I'm a huge list maker too! We're so excited can't wait to see you all and will be praying for you as you travel east!