Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Monday morning and this will end blogs until July!!! I am doing last minute cleaning, laundry and shopping today! Tomorrow Russ has a dr. appointment, has to pick up meds at the Army post and we need to load the truck. We will start off about 7 Wed. morning.

Mike and Anna are moving in. Mike will be on the night shift so he will be here all day and Anna will be here at night. Works out good! I'm sure Trice will be here a lot too/ She usually gets stuck with cooking.

Think Russ will need to get Bo an allergy shot today too. He is scratching so bad. I feel sorry for him. I know what allergies can do to you.

I used up all the zucchini out of the garden yesterday by making bread! I made 7 mini loaves and one big one. Trice took some home, Mike took a loaf to work and I have some put up for the trip. Sure didn't last long.

Well people, we will see you all the end of the week! If anyone needs me call my cell!!!

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