Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am Back!

I'll start by saying it is good to be home!!! We had a good three weeks. It all started with my birthday dinner in Bowling Green, KY. We met up with Russ' high school friend, Jim Simmons, who gave us a tour of his beautiful city. It is truly a clean and well kept place. That evening Jim and his fiancee Helen took us to dinner and then ice cream. A very nice evening .

Then it was on to Monticello to sister Cathy's. Her and Mandy were great hosts twice! We always really enjoy staying with them.

On the 12th we met the Westphal's in the park at Francesville! We had a good crowd, my sister Jean, husband Bob and 4 children and all their families; my brother Don's widow Joyce, his ex wife Bertie and husband Fritz; ( isn't it great that they can be friends?) niece Denise; and my niece Cindy , husband Den and 5 of her children; nephew Larry and wife Terri. We had 2 missing due to illness, niece Ruth and sis in law Mary!

It was such a pleasure to meet Cindy. I had not seen her since she was a teen! Now she is a mother of 12 and a grandmother!!!
She was as sweet as I thought she would be. Russ had such a good time talking with her husband and boys. It is not often he has such great listener for his stories.

We spent the rest of the week visiting family and libraries searching family history.

We were soon off to NJ. We had a great time at our daughter Kris'. Sat. night her husband Bill cooked us a lobster feast! Yummy!!! Sunday was a cookout at Kris' in laws. Bill and Barb are great people and we were so glad to see them again. I think that was the night I gave Russ a black eye!!! Yes, I really did!! Now you know why we sleep in separate beds at home!!!!!!! LOL

Monday night Chrystian graduated from High school!!! It was a beautiful ceremony with 278 graduates. It was bitter sweet to see him graduate. So hard to believe he is a man now.

Tues. we started back to IN. We spent the time there visiting and on Sat. brother Gerry and wife Penny hosted a cookout for the Allen's. All the brothers and sisters were there but one. At one point all 6 brothers were alone in the sun room talking. Wish I had a picture! Everyone had cameras and not a picture was taken. Guess that shows a good time was had, no one even thought of taking a picture!!!

Sunday we started for home, didn't get as far as expected. Russ was super tired so we stopped early. Monday he felt better so we started out with the idea of staying the night in a town across the TX border. Well, we just kept going and got home about 8 that night!!! Yesterday I spent the day doing laundry!!! It was a wild day! I have never done so many loads!!! Today will be a day of grocery shopping!!! The pantry is on empty!!!

It is good to be home but I want to thank all our families for a great vacation!!!!

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