Tuesday, July 27, 2010

52 years ago this week I was staying at my brothers house. My sister in law, Bertie, was expecting a little girl and I was helping her with my nephew Cris. I was 15 at the time! This dark haired girl came huffing across the street. She walked up to me and said"My brother won't take me swimming if you don't go too. So you better go". After asking permission I walked out side to see this! That day started a 5 month friend -boy friend time! It all started to get pretty serious and I was very young so New Years Day I broke up with him! For many months every where I went I saw this guy! He even came to the drive in where I worked. Then one day he drove up in this!!! ( picture 1) Well, I fell in love all over again!!! On October 31 of that year ( I was 16) Russ proposed!!! And then the story began!!! later!!!

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12-arrows said...

you were only 16? WOW! I can see why you fell for Uncle Russ.....thats a pretty awesome vehicle! you both are two amazing people. I love you both so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!