Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ok, I showed you the over loaded peach tree yesterday! Sooo today, when Mike came home from work he brought me a big box of peaches! LOL! Tomorrow is jam, cobbler and everything else I can think of time!!!

Russ is running around getting his Retired Special Forces dress uniform together. Last Sat. Russ was talking to john as the meeting was over, John left and Russ socialized for 10-15 minutes. As they were leaving they saw John laying by his bike.
A GI came out and did CPR and got a breath and then lost it again. By that time the Medics had arrived and they got a pulse and took him to the hospital. John had a massive heart attack and was pronounced brain dead. This has hit Russ hard as he was the last person John ever spoke too. There is a Memorial service Sat. Morning and then his body will be sent to Guam to be buried next to his parents. John was a great guy and a good entertainer. He told great stories and sang and DJ'd. He will be missed by all who knew him.

My eye is slowly getting better. I still feel crappy but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!! I gotta do peaches! LOL

We have been having heat indexes up to 107-108 this week by late afternoon. Could be I feel crappy cause I was out pulling weeds at noon. No one ever said I was smart!!!
You all have fun tomorrow while I am in front of that hot stove. ( Need all the sympathy I can get!!!!)


12-arrows said...

Oh my sincerest apologies for the loss of your friend. We just never know do we?

Enjoy the wonderful aroma coming from your kitchen. . . .

Ruth said...

Are you up to your knees in peach jam yet?? I don't envy you all the work, but you'll have homemade goodies to enjoy while the rest of us buy ours at the grocery store. I know yours will be 100 times better!
Just don't work too hard! Stay cool. We are in the middle of a heat wave that is supposed to go for another week--A/C is working overtime and I sure don't want to see the NIPSCO bill next month!