Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good morning!!!

It is like 5:30 Am. What am I doing up??? Any normal person would sleep in if retired. Not Russ and me! We are both up, at least I think my allergy attack is over. I am not sneezing yet!!

Yesterday I had a bag of mixed (sweet and hot) peppers so I decided to pickle them. I had a couple pieces of okra and a few green beans I threw in with them. Well, they have to be the hottest peppers ever. There is this one little pepper that really made Mike sweat!!! The stake that came with the plant said jalapeno but it isn't even close! I will not be eating these peppers!!! I also pickled a jar of carrot rounds. These are pretty good. Spicy but not burning your tongue off!

Anna came over to take her final on an on line course for her major. She got an A on it. So far she carries a 4.0 grade point for her major. She just has one semester left. Think she will go on and get her masters. She is interning this summer. She is working half the day for my doctor and half the day in a nursing home. She is really liking the old folks!

We got our computer rooms switched and they turned out quite nice. I still try to go in my old room to use my stuff. I really like having a room twice the size of the old one. Poor Russ is still looking for storage places!!!

Well, I must get in the shower. Russ has a truck appointment at 7 so I'll have to pick him up. I'll be a good time to go shopping before the heat hits. Have a good day ya all!

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