Friday, July 2, 2010

Moving Day

Yesterday Russ and I decided to exchange computer rooms so we could bring the treadmill in out of the hot garage. It was quit a job. Russ had to fit all his stuff in a much smaller room. I had to give up one bookshelf to make room for the bike. All in all it went pretty well. Now instead of a huge L shaped desk and work area I have a small desk. It will take a lot of getting used to.

It has rained every day since we got home. Our grass is green again and really needs mowed. We lost half our garden while we were gone. The kids just don't water like Russ does and it was just so hot. We did get a good mess of okra yesterday. I breaded it for dinner last night and was it ever good!

This morning I have an appointment in Georgetown at the sleep center. They gave me a 9 am appointment which means leaving by 7:30. I hate to travel during rush hours!

Well, Russ and the boys are stirring so guess that means I better get moving!!!

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12-arrows said...

I just love rearranging and organizing and moving furniture! its so much fun, plus everyone gets a good cleaning too!