Monday, August 23, 2010

Good evening! It is so hot out! 106 on our patio. I am about cooked!!!
Wed, we went to the pound and got a shih tzu. Today Russ took the little sucker back!!! He tried to bite us, he would not leave the boys private parts alone and Dude got sick. He has only eaten twice since Wed night. The vet said he is under stress and that other dog has some bad issues. That is NOT what I called it!!! LOL
Russ and I had a good time Friday. We went to 3 RV Sales. We have the one we want picked out. Friday we will look at trucks that can pull one. We will trade in Russ' truck and my car. In a year and 4 months I have put gas in it twice. I just very seldom drive it. I will learn to drive the truck tho. Especially if we do get the rv and spend the summer in IN. Don't want to have Russ drive me everywhere!! The only thing I hate about the one we have picked out is there is carpet in the living room and bedroom. I hate carpet. I can see lots of throw rugs to keep it clean./
I had another sleep study and my machine is being changed. Plus the air thrust will be lowered, maybe i can do better now.
Russ has his Citizens Police academy tonight. Then tomorrow he has to report for jury duty.It is city so if he gets selected it is only one day.
You all have a great night and keep cool!

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12-arrows said...

a whole summer in Indiana? awesome then we can see each other more and my kids can get to know the both of you and my boys can hang on every word Uncle Russ tells them about the ARMY :) LOVE IT!!!!!