Monday, August 30, 2010

It has been a busy few days around here!! Friday we traded off my car and Russ' truck. I didn't drive my car enough to make sense of having a car payment. We traded Russ' to get a truck big enough to haul a RV. We got an 2010 Dodge 1500 with a Hemi engine and the biggest rear end we could. The bed is the same size as the other so we got to keep our bed cover and the running boards because I couldn't get in it without them!!! Our salesman is also putting the big rear view mirrors on as a gift. We have to buy the trailer hitch yet then we can get serious about looking for a RV.
Mike is moving in with us so he will be here when we travel. I moved my computer desk and printer stand into my bedroom. It is real crowded but I can live with it. I got roll carts and put in the closet for my undies! Lol THEN! I had to clean out the closet in my computer room! Oh My!!! I had it stuffed!!! I threw out lots and the rest went in the closet in my bedroom. I did good because I still have room on the shelves!!! LOL
Today, i made room in the garage to put the treadmill and bike back in the garage. I now have the room empty and ready for Mike to paint on his day off.
Today I get my results of the stress test and chest xray. I am hoping he takes me off half the meds.
I cleaned the front porch while a go and put up all the fall decorations. I am trying to get fall cleaning out of the way!!!
Well, I need to go get busy!!! Keep cool!!!

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