Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here is my Fiesta Ware! Yesterday Russ got me two more settings! ( Kohls had a half price sale). I now have settings for twelve! I was so thrilled, I bought him a new coffee pot! We each got something we love!! Just noticed the remote for the kitchens AC is on the self. Oh well.
We went to the meat market yesterday and got a 50 pound bundle of meat. It has some good cuts in it. We had some of the bacon for breakfast and it was center cut and yummy. Can't wait for the t bones. e got all that meat and guess what is for dinner???? Chicken! LOL
My new mask isn't doing so good. I took it off after an hour last night and used the old one. It lasted about 2 hours. They are so uncomfortable. I wake up every couple hours. I need a god nights sleep.
Poor Mike! they have been mowing out at the range where he works. Last night he came home with poison ivy all over him. Can you imagine working out in 109 heat index with poison ivy?
The restaurant where Trice works has sold. Her boss passed away a couple weeks ago. The new owners are keeping it just the same and everyone will keep their jobs for at least 3 months. If it works out they could stay on. Hope everything works out for her!
Whilwe we at at the mat masrket we stopped in at their farmers market. I got something called cream peas. Never heard of them but will try them. you cook them like black eyed peas. Mike will like that! NOT! he hates black eyed peas. I got a lot of other goodies too.
Well, it is time I got off my butt and acted like I'm doing something!!!

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12-arrows said...

I just LOVE that Fiesta Ware! its so colorful! Sorry to hear about your mask. I know what its like not to get a good nights sleep. . . been doing that for several months now...I'm sick of being tired.