Friday, August 6, 2010


We found out yesterday for sure that our house is paid off!!!We got a small pay off refund and we were thrilled! Then I realized I had sent a house payment after the date on the check, so we will get that back too. We need it as taxes are due in Oct. This is all new to us as taxes and insurance were included in the payment. Of course the insurance is due in August so Russ took care of that yesterday .

I got a new c-pap mask yesterday. It lasted on about 2 hours!!! I have a raging headache this AM. Guess I will get used to it. The allergist changed my pills. Guess we will see. She doesn't want to do any more testing until I see the cardiologist. All a vicious circle.

People, the temperature today is suppose to be 105!!Can't wait for the heat index. Russ and Mike think they are going fishing. We shall see!!!

I am off to eat Vietnamese soup for breakfast. Love it!

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