Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last night I laid in bed thinking of all the places we have lived and some of the best friends we had!Get ready to be bored! LOL

When we 1st married we lived in Francesville in the house I was born in! How neat was that? Of course all our friends were high school friends. From there we were in Germany! We had the best friends we ever had! Breda and Eddy Howell. They were from Ireland and Eddy was in the US Army. We lived on the same floor in a German house and shared everything. Eddy next went to Viet Nam and lost his life. We still miss him!
Our next move was to Maryland! We lived in Glen Bernie and had a next door neighbor named Gerda that was great! We were there 9 months.

Russ got orders for Viet Nam and moved me back to Francesville! I then met Judy Ehrlich. We spent every day together, we looked alike and acted alike. If I was up town people would ask me how my husband Jim was . They ask her about Russ. Too funny! After a year it was off to El Paso for 9 months. Russ was learning Vietnamese. Yes he went back to Viet Nam next and I back to Francesville and friend Judy! We did add another to our group! Bonnie Onken. Sad to say but both Judy and Bonnie are no longer married to those husbands and we sort of all lost touch.

Russ was suppose to come home in 1 year!!! I sold our house trailer, traded cars and then he got extended 6 months. I moved us to Monon, next door to Susie Graham. Her husband was in Korea so we spent all our time together. Her husband wasn't too generous with his pay so Susie had to go to work. I watched her 4 kids at night.

Russ came home and we moved to Virginia for you guess it, just 9 months!!! Just long enough to get pregnant with Kris!! We did have good friends there too, Roger and Sara Hawkins and Marty and Mo. Russ was off to V.M. for the 3rd time and I was back in Francesville. 2 months later Russ got out of the Army and came home! After low paying jobs , (not going to say how long, you guessed it,) Russ reinlisted and we were off to Okinawa! The best place in the world! We had the best friends and the best time there for 3 1/2 years!! We next went to Ft Hood, Tx, bought a house and 3 years later Russ got orders for AL to be a drill sgt. It was hard to move as we were very involved in square dancing!! Alabama was a night mare. Russ worked 12 to 15 hour days. We rarely saw him. My good friend Barb Tucker kept me sane!!!

We next got orders back to Ft Hood! we were so thrilled. We got here the middle of Dec. and moved in to quarters. We got back into square dancing and all our old friends. It was almost like we never left! In August we bought a house in Killeen. And guess what? We have been in this house thirty years!!!! Just yesterday we found out it is played off!!! Hurrah!!! It has been an exciting life. We never had any money and still don't but boy do we have good memories. I would not change a thing!!!!

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12-arrows said...

and I wasn't bored one single bit. I love hearing peoples history, about their lives, where they've lived. When family isn't near friends become family! You were definitely blessed!