Friday, September 24, 2010

Not a darn thing going on here!!! I am still in pjs at 6 pm. Just one of those days! LOL.

I put this picture as my home page today. This is 3 of my many favorite people. Russ is of course my favorite of all time!!!
The other two are his older sisters. Cathy on the left and Barb on the right. Barb and I started as friends when I was 15 or 16. Russ and I spent many hours while dating at her and Jim's. Making homemade pizza( back then no home delivered Pizza) and playing cards. Later on we became sisters. When we went to In when the kids were young, her house was always where the kids wanted to go.
I never knew Cathy too well until her and Merle moved to Monon after Merle retired from the AF. After Russ retired every time we went to IN. we headed to Merle and Cathy's. Russ and Merle always had lots to talk about. Now that Merle has passed we still head to Cathy's. We just feel so at home at her house. Both are very much my sisters. There is another sister and 5 brothers more living that I love just as much!!!
Sometime I'll have to put up a picture of my sis Jean. Russ took a picture of me the other night and when I looked at it all I could say was " Oh my, I look like my sister Jean. This is strange
as I always looked like my Dad and she my Mom. Old age changes us I guess!!!!
Well folks have a great weekend!

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12-arrows said...

I'm going to miss you. . . .I love looking at pictures and hearing about the history of the people in them; I don't think you look like Aunt Jean at all! and you sure do look like Grandpa!