Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Mike and I just put a chocolate jalapeno cake in the oven! Can't wait until it is done! Next is Sour Kraut cake!!! Anyone have any unusual cake recipes????
Went to the Dr. yesterday about my arms having reddish purple botches all over them. Anyway I am bleeding under the skin and they call these bruises.
It is caused by aspirin and coumadin. Well, I am not on either so they don't know what is causing it. They took blood work and I go back next Monday. The good thing was he said at least I won't have a heart attack! LOL
Great fun for Russ Friday. As part of his Police school, he gets to ride along in a patrol car for the 9PM to 7AM shift. Friday night in this town is very busy!!! He can't wait!!! Friday nights there is usually stabbings, shootings or at least a high speed chase!!
Have to get my country ribs in the oven or there will be no dinner at the Allen ranch! See ya here in a couple days.

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Anonymous said...

I'm taking Coumadin and baby aspirin and don't get the blotches like you are describing--just bruise easier, but they are plain old black and blue!!
My Aunt Merna (Rinker) has a recipe in a Monon centennial cookbook for sausage cake!! I'll send you the recipe!
I have a small pork roast that's been in the crockpot since about 5:00AM and I'm going to cook a couple of potatoes to mash and supper will be ready!
Keep us posted about your blotches and tell Russ to be careful out there Friday night!! Ruth