Thursday, September 2, 2010

So excited!!!!

We went to Georgetown today and we will know Thursday if we get our camper!!! It is beautiful, Not the one we had picked out before. We were waiting on a saleswoman and I was looking around while we waited. This one had just been brought in. No one had ever been in it and the people had to look it up as it wasn't priced yet. But it was on sale as everything down there is on sale this weekend. It has a cloth sofa that makes into a bed with an air mattress, 2 leather lazy boy recliners, a table and 4 chairs instead of a booth( thank GOD!) the usual kitchen stuff. A shower but no tub and 2 closets in bath. The bedroom has a queen bed, closets, dresser and etc. There is an outside shower and a gas grill that hooks right up to the trailer propane. It comes with one flat screen TV for the living room and has a massive system for Dvds, radio, weather radio and mp3 & 4 players. I'll post pictures as soon as it is really ours! Keep us in your prayers it all goes thru. Then we can visit more!!!! LOL

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12-arrows said...

Oh I so hope you get it! I would LOVE to see you and Uncle Russ more! Its amazing how much they can pack into those campers too, all the state of the art equipment, and the comforts of home!