Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wow, after not being able to sign in for a week, I finally made it!!!
Disregard the last post. Enid, in her true style decided she hated the kitchen in that trailer. So after much heart burn we have decided to wait until spring to try this again!!! We save the money for storage all winter and I have time to buy all the dishes, pans, linens and etc. we will need!
We went to Russ' dinner and Special forces meeting last night. We had a great time, love the people. But.... the food was terrible! I was so glad I had made a pot of soup yesterday morning. I sure enjoyed a bowl full when we got home!!!
So far mike living here has worked great for everyone. my biggest heart burn is the very crowded bedroom!!!I need to get a flat screened Tv in here that I could hang. I am too cheap to do it!!! This little Tv works so good and it is so old. We got it for my Mom in the nursing home and she has been gone 13 years. Guess Magnavox is made to last!!!
Wish me luck tomorrow! I am having allergy tests. All those little needles in the back!!! Brrrrr
Well, it is 12:21 and i am still in Pj's, Think I'll get dressed!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out with you and Mike at home. I just takes some adjustments!!
Beautiful fall day here today--blue skies, no clouds, temp in the low 80s--I love it!!!!
Good luck with the allergy tests tomorrow.