Saturday, October 9, 2010


This has been another busy week. After I sealed the deck it didn't look so good! The old sealer just didn't come up in places and it really showed. Russ said lets replace the boards, Me in my moment of being smart said why not just turn the boards over. Well, that took Mike 2 afternoons. Each board had 16 or 18 long wood screws to remove. There were 24 boards. Then after that he had to turn the board and put all the screws back. Thursday I resealed and yesterday I put it back together. Mike got us a cute fire pit that has a grill rack so we can even grill hot dogs on it.
While this is going on we got the flower beds mostly gone in front. Planted the shrubs in the big bed and then mulched it. Mike decorated it with rocks, skulls (cow) and such. I have 2 and a half others done. Mike decorated them. I hope to finish today.
In the middle of this Russ trips over a rock and steps wrong on another rock (big , huge rocks) and catches himself by landing up against the house. He had his foot x rayed and it isn't broken but bruise and an infection in it. It hurts like Billy B. Darn. He is missing going to the firing range with the cops today.
I have started making Christmas presents . I have Anna's almost done. I am trying to cut the cost of what we spend . It has gotten so hard to buy for everyone, They pretty much have what they want.
Very proud of Anna, she was asked to join an international Honor Society because her grades are so high. She graduates in Dec. then she'll try to get in here at A&M Central College to get her Masters. Our Dr. said he would hire her part time so she can make her car payment and have spending money.
Oh, I have stumped the medical field once again. They can't find a cause as to why I have these red bruises all over my arms. All the tests come back normal. Dr S said it is because I like to stump him. He is giving it a month to clear and then I go to a blood doctor if it is still there. Mike says it is sympathy for Russ! LOL
I best get dressed and up and running. Everyone have a good weekend.

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