Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here is our finished deck. It was so much work to get the decking all resealed. I even did all the latace around it. If you have never painted or stained lattace, don't! Notice the red necks new fence!!!!Too bad they didn't fence it all.

We finaally got the front yard all done yesterday. It is ready for winter and spring!!! Did it all in one shot!! Bushes are the way to go.

We got storms and rain last night so I guess I won't be working the back yard today. I want to clean out around all the plants and put down new mulch. That will take awhile.

I have one Christmas present finished and another started. Two more two more to go. Christmas is going to be cut way back this year.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you got a lot done this week. I have been on vacation and haven't really accomplished that much!!!
I drove to DeKalb IL yesterday with 2 friends to attend a memeorial service for a classmate. Talk about a long day--we left at 10:00AM and got home around 6:30PM and most of that time was on the road. I was glad we were able to go, though. Connie was a wonderful person; she drove here by herself to come to Mom's visitation and funeral.
I need to take the car in this week for it's 18-month maintenance, look for a new winter caot, shop for a new recliner, telephine, computer printer, get some recipes together for you, etc. etc, etc. We'll see-LOL
Today is L & T's 42nd wedding anniversary; better call them this evening.
Take care.
Love you

12-arrows said...

I love your new looking deck! I've always wanted a deck on my home, and hoping that one day I'll get one. When we were at Scotties in CO I sat on his deck and enjoyed my morning coffee, watching the sun come up and enjoying the mountains. I guess you'd get to enjoy your redneck neighbors "stuff" LOL, but I am envious....