Monday, October 25, 2010

It is Monday!!!

Here I am again!!!! Still not much to say!!! Russ had his ride with a cop Friday night and had a blast. He was bloody and bruised when he got home, not from the stops, just getting in and out of the low car. He got to go on 2 domestic violence calls, several traffic stops and 2 arrests. He got to go right in on all calls. Even had a high speed trip!!!
All I have been doing is embroidering, still. I now have 3 presents done and a table cloth for me. I started another gift today. I have worn several layers of skin off one finger!
We went to staples today to get me a new computer chair that wasn't so big. I got a nice leather chair and we saw a small computer roll cart that will be perfect for our laptops in the trailer. Since Russ had gotten money back from a warranty thing on the truck we got it too. Now all we need is the trailer! LOL
I have to go to the Vampire tomorrow morning!!! Russ and I have fasting appointments. I HATE blood tests!!!
Well, I better get busy, It will soon be time for Dancing with the Stars. Bye!!!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you will have some beautiful gifts for Christmas--glad you are doing something for yourself, too.
I was supposed to have the sleep test, but am puttng it off for as long as possible. Do you know anybody who's had one that doesn't end up with that machine? I don't and I don't want a machine!!!
Will Russ be able to go out with the police again? Sounds like he had quite an adventure!!!