Friday, October 22, 2010

It has Been a Week!!!!!

Were has this week gone??? I have no excuse other than talking on the phone. I spent an hour this week talking to one of my favorite people, my sis in law Mary. Then one day I talked to Kris for about 1 1/2 hours. We keep up mostly on the computer but when we get on the phone we have lots to talk about.
I went to the sleep Dr. yesterday and I have finally been wearing it enough to fulfill Medicares rules. No more having to sit all afternoon with the stupid mask on to get enough hours! He did get me a new mask that I used last night and it was great!!!
I have been embroidering like crazy. I have 2 1/2 Christmas Presents done!!! Plus I have started a tea cloth for the table in the trailer. It was suppose to be a dish towel but when I opened the package it was the size of a small table cloth!!!
Russ left at 2 for his ride with cops day. He will get home at 2:30 tonight. So far he says he's having fun!!! He will be so tired tomorrow!!! He has graduation the 1st. The Police Dept. is having a dinner and everything for it! Hope to get pictures!!!
With Russ being gone, Mike got us Long john's silver for dinner. I love their hush puppies,

Well, ya'll have a good weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

How is Aunt Mary doing? Everytime I think about calling her it is too late her time! I hate that hour time difference! I was in Monon last Sunday for a Tastefully Simple party and stopped in F'ville to see her, but she wasn't home. Glad she was out and about!
I have some more recipes to send you and will probably do them this week-end.
I have been on new medication (Multaq) to control the a-fib; the side effects are terrible. My legs look like tree trunks and I have no ankles!!! Also, big weight gain in the last week--just what I need. I called the office Wednesday afternoon and the nurse talked to me yesterday morning, then called bback after she talked to the doctor and he said just keep taking all of the meds and he would reevaluate me in 3 weeks when I have an appt. Then tonight I noticed that if I press on my legs and arms, the finger impressions stay there! That cannot be good! I getting a little scared about developing congestive heart failure with all this fluid retention. Getting old is a b**ch!!
Have you tried any of your new cake recipes lately? ONe of the ones I want to send you is one I made last night to take to work today. It is cherry chocolate and the cake is just 3 ingredients + 1 optional flavoring. Can't ge tmuch easier than that. The frosting has more ingredients than the cake!! It is really moist and really chocolatey!!
Take care!! Ruth

12-arrows said...

just an FYI, Den's aunt has a sleep machine and she just got this new mask; its made out of cloth and isn't heavy on the face and leaves no marks. You should check into it, she LOVES it and doesn't complain so much about having to wear it at night either.