Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good morning people!!! I have no idea why I am up!!! I hardly slept all night. then got up at 3:45. Thought since I was up I'd cut up bell peppers for the freezer. That led to polishing the stove, frig and dish washer. I then thought since they were shiny, I'd mop the floor!! Now I am taking a break!!

Guess I will meet Mike's latest "friend" today. She owns a pet grooming place and we are taking the dogs there today!!!

We had great news yesterday! Russ' 100% disability went through on his heart. It was classified as from Agent Orange so we get a little extra each month besides his army retirement being tax free. He even got a small amount of back pay!! I got a new TV for my room out of it! I went from a 17 inch that was my mom's in the nursing home, (she passed in 98) to a 32 inch. What a difference!!!

Thursday Russ will be in the Vet's parade. He will ride in one of the Special forces cars. This is suppose to be the biggest parade ever. Last years was great so here is hoping! Afterwards I guess we are all going to some restaurant that is giving free meals to Vets. We probably won't get in the door! Lol

I think Friday we may go lol at trailers again. One place is having a big sale!! Fingers crossed they have the one we want!!!

My tummy says it is breakfast time! Later!

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12-arrows said...

Take pictures of Uncle Russ in the parade! getting up early = lots of things accomplished!