Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good morning! This will be a busy day! We have to be at the parade line up at 9:15 this AM. Then wait until 11 for the parade to start. It is VERY long, then we will try to get in for the guy's free meal. Don't know if it will be Golden Corral or Apple Bees; It is always a fun time with the Special Forces family. Russ had a hard time deciding who to go with at the parade. He was ask to do the Viet Nam Vets and security with K Cops. He picked the most fun group!!!

We found out some good stuff yesterday!!Our licence plates now will cost $3 and we don't have to pay Property taxes any more since Russ has 100% disability. Plus more money in the pay check! Can't beat that!!!
I did a little more Christmas shopping yesterday. Some how my granddaughter in law is the easiest this year.
I ordered Anna's invitations and cape and gown yesterday! We are so proud of her!She has a 4.o in her major!!! It will be 18 December. Oh, Penny I know you will get an invit. Anna fell in love with you that day we met for lunch! She always says Aunt Penny is cool! LOL

Well, I need to get that shower and decide what to wear! Big decision!!!! Jeans and WHAT T-shirt!!! LOL


mrsb said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!

12-arrows said...

awesome to everything! and I can't wait for the pictures either!