Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi! Mike went deer hunting today, Russ had to take the 5th wheel to be winterized and Enid stayed all day in Pjs watching Americas Next Top model!! I did get up and fix dinner!!! LOL I will make up for it tomorrow!

It was cold and rainy all day! This week end we are back to freezing at night again! When will this end???? I am so tired of this! At least I did get to wear my new coat the other night!

We got a nice box of cookies in the mail yesterday! Russ' school mate from California sent them. It was such a nice surprise!!! They were super good!

I have a whole stack of clothes sitting here that need fixed. New slacks that legs are too baggy, coat sleeves that are too long, etc. It has been years since I really sewed. I hope I don't screw anything up. I also hope my machine still works!! Probably needs oil and a new needle! LOL

I need to call niece Ruth and see how her heart procedure went today! She has been having some health problems. Please say a pray that all went well.

Well, I need to act like I am sociable for awhile!! At least until TV time!!! Talk to you later!!!

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Ruth said...

Well, I survived the cardioversion! The bad news--it didn't work. He shocked me 4 times-each time I went to normal rhythym for about 2 minutes, then back to a-fib!
I have 4 bruises on my hands from attempts to draw blood/start an IV and huge red marks on my chest and side from the pads for the paddles. I don't think they are burns, but skin reation to the adhesive edges. Really attrative!
Next step in ablation where they go in and disable the nerves that send the faulty impulses to the heart that causes a-fib. This is a more invasive procedure involving a catheter from the groin to the heart. Big decision since I could just continue with Coumadin to minimize the risk of clot formation. We'll see!
Thanks for thinking of me!!