Sunday, December 26, 2010

We had a very nice Christmas!!! We sure enjoy the three grandkids that live in Texas! They have grown into such nice adults! Danielle and Anthony just couldn't stay long enough.

I got lots of nice things. Mike got me a waffle iron and mini food processor for the 5th wheel, plus a few food baskets. I got slippers and a mandolin from Trice. The first thing I did was cut my thumb real bad on one of the blades! I wanted some make up bags so Danielle had her Mom make me some. They are the nicest I've seen. Russ and I got mugs that plug into the truck to keep our drinks hot while traveling. They will sure come in handy!!

Russ got a Droid for Christmas! That has sure kept him busy!!! He got the droid X and it seems easier to learn than the others!!!

We have to take the trailer to get winterized Tuesday. That means today we have to go get the inside ready! I have to clean out the pantry and the frig. Take down the Christmas tree and decorations, all that good stuff. I sure hate to do it. I love going out there and staying.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed your families!!! We are so blessed to have you all as part of ours!


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