Saturday, December 4, 2010

I will try this again!! yesterday i wrote a long post hit the right button and it went to LA LA land!!!

We have the right hitch and brake system on the RV so now we are ready to go!!! First trip will be to Huntsville for Anna's Graduation. We are spending 3 nights there.

I have to go today and put stuff back on the counters and such after the trip to the garage yesterday. I also have a small tree dug out to take over and decorate. Think starting tomorrow we will stay in it a few days to get the boys more used to going out on a leash. They are so used to just running out their doggy door whenever they want.

I guess we are ready to roll except for Mike rebuilding the steps going up into the bed and bath. They are so steep I have a problem with my short legs, What is two steps will be three.

I have my Christmas cards addressed, still need to write two letters. I need to get busy and finish my shopping. It is mostly bits and pieces to do. How are you doing? Done yet????

I better go fix Russ some breakfast and hit Wally World before the rush!!


Ruth said...

It sounds like you are all set to do some serious traveling!! We took some great trips in our various camping gear--from tent to RV!
It started snowing here some time after midnight and it is still coming down. Honestly, I have umpteen things to do this week and we're supposed to have snow every day!!!!
I have most of L&T's Christmas ordered, but haven't heard a thing from Abi about her and Chad and his little girl--bag of coal?? bundle of switches????
How are you feeling? I got my protime back to 2.0 this week and have to go for the next 3 Wednesdays to test again. If I stay at 2 or above for 4 weeks, he'll do the cardioversion to see if he can stop the a-fib. I sure would like to get that done before the end of the year, since my deductible is met.
I need to get my wreath on the front door and get some decorations out, so better get started!
Take care; love you guys!

12-arrows said...

haven't even made a dent in my shopping yet, but we are having Christmas on New Years Eve so we are waiting until after Christmas to shop, more for your money that way plus should be lots of bargains too!

I bet you are going to LOVE that RV and your Mike, what a guy!