Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good Morning America!!!

Is Everyone As busy as us?? All we do is run! We are trying to get the RV ready to go next week. We will go to Huntsville the 17 and be back the 20th. Russ and Mike are rebuilding the steps up to the bath and bedroom. They were really high for me to get up and down. All that is left to do is carpet them.

I am slowly getting Christmas shopping done. The three grandkids here are done, have one more each for Mike and Trice and find something for Russ. We made one for Trice that she will treasure. She has a friend that writes music and performs it. He sent me a link to his music and Russ made a CD. He is a special friend. He even wrote a song for Kris and bills wedding. Very talented . ( He works on Dancing with the Stars!!!!)

Tonight is the Cops Christmas party. There is a crazy gift exchange and I got the neatest hanging tile to give. It says CHERISH simple pleasures, LIVE for the moment, DREAM with your heart. The best thing is it cost 21.98 at Kohls but was on sale for 9.99. The gift price was $20. I did good!!!! It is also for Toys for Tots. Instead of buying toys we are giving money so they can buy for the older kids. They say no one ever buys for the older kids.

Then Sat. is the Special Forces Christmas party. That one is donate money for the Food Pantry. Both are good causes. We always give more when we know it will be used here in Killeen.

Extreme Home Makeover is here. They are building a home for one of the GI's that was badly hurt in the FT. Hood shootings. It will be at Salado, a little town down the road. Just wish they could do something for them all!

I was up at 6 making Pink stuff and deviled eggs this morning. Here it is 10:30 and I just remembered I didn't eat and take my pills! What a shame!!! LOL

One of the guys that used to work for Mike died the other day. They think from a blood clot to the heart. He was 39 and leaves a wife and 10 year old daughter. Mike went over to the house last night and spent some time with the family last night.

I best get busy!!! Have a great day!!!

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