Monday, December 13, 2010

It is A very chilly morning! Think it was 28 last night. I can't take this weather. It makes my lungs hurt. This pneumonia is taking forever to go away!!

We had a great time at the K Cops party. I won a real nice spa kit. i came home put it in a gift bag and put Trice's name on it! One present down! LOL

Sat. was the Special Forces Christmas party. They pasted out little gifts for everyone. I got the cutest Snowman candle holder. It goes great with my collection.

We are busy getting the trailer ready to go to Huntsville Friday.
I have most of my clothes ready and have to pick up a few more groceries. Russ is moving it over to the church Thursday so I have to have clothes and groceries in it by Wed. When the slides are not out it is very narrow in the kitchen. I will pack up all the stuff on the counters and put baby locks on all the cupboard doors.
I have 3 stockings ( Mike, Bo & Dude) to buy for and then I am done!! Russ' present that he doesn't know will be in today! He has almost everything already!!! I have the ham for Christmas Eve so need to get everything else. Think it will be sandwiches and salads. I am not up to cooking a lot yet. If I could I would live on soup. That is all I want. I'm making veggie soup as soon as Russ gets here with the cabbage!

I need to go change the dryer. You all stay warm!!

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