Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Morning! We had a fun morning out at Jim's ranch yesterday, even if it was freezing! This is Mike, of course and Don and Susie. You can see she dressed more for the weather than I did!!!

This is just pretend! I did NOT fire this thing!!!

This is my little gun, It proved to be not the thing for me. very hard to cock and only holds 2 bullets. I did shoot Russ' Glock and it was better. We will probably get something in between for me. It looks like we will be going out to Jim's often.
They said on the weather, next week our highs will be in the 20 and 30s. It is time to move south. Arthur is kicking my butt! My knees and fingers are really bad. Sometimes I can't stand from a chair. Guess it is time to ask the doctor about it!!!
It is 4:57 and Russ is leaving for the VA Hospital. He has a fasting Appt. this morning at 6 something. It always takes an hour over there to find a parking place. Then tomorrow morning he has a check at Scott & White Hospital. I hate these out of town appointments!
I better get a move on. I want to completely clean my bedroom and bath today! I need to get rid of "stuff" and make it neater in here! It is hard to combine a bedroom and office!!!
Have a great Tuesday!

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12-arrows said...

look at that "pistol packin' mama"! love it! my boys would be all over shooting guns. When we were in CO in September we shot guns. It was a BLAST! sorry about the cold, it is winter you know! LOL