Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ok, everyone pray for me!!! Monday we are going out to a friends ranch and I will be firing a gun for the first time ever!!! A huge bunch of us are going. Please pray I don't shoot someone or Jim's sheep!!! LOL They are all really razzing me.

We just had such a good time at friends today. Susie cooked a great meal! We had more food than we could ever eat. They are great hosts!!!

I can't wait to hear about the Lutz wedding they had today!!! Cindy is getting them married off really fast lately!!!

I hope you all had a great two weeks of holidays and are ready for a great new year!

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12-arrows said...

The wedding was beautiful everything went off without a hitch! our boys did a great job of toasting their brother and welcoming Emily into the family! Emily's parents did an amazing job of planning/preparing and executing! we are blessed to have them as friends! Fun time of silly dancing and serious dancing! LOL I didn't take one pic! left my phone in the car the entire day! can you believe it???