Friday, January 21, 2011

There is not a blasted thing going on other than it being cold and the red neck is burning wood that should never be burnt and I am being poisoned!!! Pray for warm weather!!!

Tomorrow Mike and Russ are going to the concealed hand gun class. That should be a fun day for them. Think it is 8 hours.

You know what is really bad?? Russ brought me 5 new trashy romance books today and my eyes are watering too bad to read! Really they aren't trashy, I just said that! lol

Still have not decided on the buffet. It is sitting here empty until I decide. Trice hopes I do something soon. If I buy a new one, she gets the old one.

I think I am going to be eating a lot of cereal! Russ started a Move class today. No junk food in the house. The instructor says if you get hungry in the evening to eat a bowl of cereal. It will fill you and take away the craving for sweets. Of course she didn't mean Boo Berries!!! We shall see!!!

I am so ready to get on the road!! We have everything ready except Mike has to build the new doggie bowl holder. We had bought one but there was always water on the floor. Mike's homemade ones work better.

We are going to have to take a big lose and get another truck. The one we have pulls the 5th wheel ok but is really too light. We will be getting a 2500 diesel. Big old thing! Our Dodge guy Bobby is looking for the one Russ wants in the color he wants. Lets just say you will see us coming!!!

Need to go blow! See ya later!!!

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12-arrows said...

those annoying neighbors. . . .WOW thats terrible! I hope you feel better today!!!!My husband and son will be so envious of your diesel! Branden has a diesel truck, we used to have diesels and Den dreams of getting another one! You will appreciate the gas mileage though! and after awhile you won't even notice the sound! We're one day closer to May. . . . .YIPPEE