Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Morning!! Still nothing going on here! i did not leave the house all weekend. I was still dripping and my nose was bright red.

Russ and Mike left at 6 am Saturday. They stopped for breakfast then went to Gatesville to their concealed hand gun class. It started at 8 and they didn't get home until after 7. At least they brought McD's with them so I didn't have to cook. The guy teaching the class was an eighty something retired NYC policeman. They had a good time and that is what counts!!!

Russ set close to the TV yesterday watching his Green Bay team get to the Super Bowl. Then watch the Jets lose. He was rooting for the Jets. Oh well.

We found one of the girls who worked with Kris years ago over the weekend. Trice and I started digging on FB and there she was. She is married with a little girl. When we knew her she had a son and was single. That son is an adult now!

Anna is now taking her first classes toward her Masters. She is taking a couple online classes. Two classes toward her Masters cost as much as a semester at SHSC. One of her boy friends is coming home on leave next week from Iraq. She will be flying to Mass. to spend a few days at his parents house. Glad she gets to go. I'm trying to talk her into coming to IN this summer. She needs to meet family.

I best get up off here and dressed. I want Mike to flip my mattress today. It is so much easier to have him do it! Then I am off to do the dreaded laundry! You have a good Monday!!!


12-arrows said...

you have one "gem" of a son! well and husband too! I have no motivation at all today, the gloomy skies and cold weather keep me from venturing out. . . hope your drippy days are over soon.

Ruth said...

I went to F'ville yesterday to go to the visitation for Alma Long. Got there about 30 minutes after it started and knew it was going to be a long day when I saw cars from one end of the block to the other parke on both sides of the street! Finally parked in front of Aunt Mary's. When I opened the door to the funeral home, there was a wall of people. After about 10 minutes Aunt Mary, Denise and Dave came in and we all stood togtherin line--for an hour and a half before we got to the family!! All of our feet we numb; my legs felt like tree trunks!!
Bill was sitting because he had surgery a couple of weeks ago and Sandy, their older daughter, was too, because she has a broken hip. She's married to Roger Ward. Saw Dixie (Moncel) and Clarence Gastineau; Peggy Bumbalough Yeoman was right in front of us.
Went to Aunt Mary's after for supper. Denise has frozen lasagna from christmas and salad and hot rolls. Then Aunt Mary got out peach pie and ice cream. she said there was such a crowd because Sandy and Roger are AC's and those people come out of the woodowrk for a funeral! Lots of family besides! The church where they had the funeral today only holds 100!
Aunt Mary looks good and says she has good days and bad!
This Friday will be 4 years since Mom died--miss her so much!
Hope your allergies clear up soon.
Went to the cardiologist Thursday and he took me off Multaq and had me start Betapace for the a-fib. I have been in perfect sinus rhythym ever since. Can't believe I wasted 3 months on expensive Multaq when generic Betapace is doing what it's supposed to dO!!
Better go; take care you guys!
Love you!!