Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It is a beautiful day out!!! Tomorrow will be upper 70s!

Anna and I went and got my hair cut this morning. It sure feels better. Now to wash away that gray!!!

I am still having problems with the pressure burns around the incision. I just hate to wear clothes!!! LOL

I am getting spring fever! I want to get the RV hooked up and take off! Before we can do that, Russ has to be feeling better. He hurt his back Monday and has been pretty well laid up. Hopefully he will be ok by next week!!!

My son has such a good heart. A girl he knows called him and said she couldn't find anyone to pick her up at Austin Airport today. Mike worked all night and has to tonight but he got up after 4 hours sleep and drove to Austin to get her. She is just an ex girl friend of his friend. He will go out of his way for everyone!

We are still on our diet!! I got a new diet book. It is the Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet. Wow! It has some good stuff in it!!! We had the Beef Strognoff last night and it was yummy!!!
I already had this weeks menu done and food bought so can't use it until next week. Can't wait!!!

I need to go fix salads so talk to you later!!!

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12-arrows said...

sure hope Uncle Russ gets feeling better and so proud of you all and your diets! I love TASTE OF HOME amazing recipes! Your son, once again, is a rare treasure!