Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOTS OF PRAYERS NEEDED!!! One of our dear friends just found out he has cancer. They thought at first it was some and surgery would take care of it. Well, in 2 weeks it has paralyzed part of his voice box where it is hard to understand him and has spread to his lymph nodes. His name is Tom Ohlrich and he went to high school with Russ in Monon. For almost 50 years they had no contact and now are very dear friends.They talk to each other several times a week, plus texts and email. After family, Russ was the first person Don called. The sad part is in 3 days his voice had changed so much that Russ didn't know who he was at first when he called last night. It was very hard for Russ to put out the email to the class last night asking for prayers. Very hard to compose tht letter. This makes two from his class battling the dreaded "C'. Please keep Tom and Bob Tyner too in your prayers. I don't really know Bob but Tom is one of the best friends anyone could have!!!

On a happier note think Russ' tailbone is starting to heal. It is still very sore but he can sit better today!

Yesterday was Trice's 50th birthday. Anna baked and decorated a cake and brought it over. After she took her Mom to dinner they came over for the cake. It tasted so good. First we'd had in a month!!!

Friday is my baby's 41 birthday!! That one we won't get to celebrate!!! I miss having her around. I am thankful she has a busy life and is finally making money as a writer. She just signed a contract for a book based on her blog. She made enough this year to file on taxes! Go Kris!!!! She sure didn't get her writing ability from her mother!!!

I best go eat and take my meds before the BP acts up!!!

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