Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday Mike and I put tin tiles up in the kitchen. I sure love it!! My fingers are really sore today though! I have small cuts all over my hands.
Last night about 12:30 we all got woke up by a loud siren. Come to find out Russ forgot to turn the volume down on his weather radio!!! Someone was getting a tornado alarm. Thankfully not us.
I have a well woman appointment today. Yuck! Next is a mammogram and bone density test. Then I'll be done for awhile!!
We have our camp grounds picked out for on the way to Tucson. We are taking lots of time to get there so Russ doesn't get too tired. We will stay over night at Ft. Stockton, Tx. It is in the middle of no where. The next is Deming, NM and then a park less than 3 miles from my sisters house.
We will be going as soon as Russ can sit!!! His tail bone is still giving him fits!!!
I have to go to the dreaded Commissary this afternoon!! I just hate to grocery shop and then to pay the bill!!! Next week I'll have to shop again to fill the trailer!!
I am going to roast a turkey and bake a ham. I will seal meat for the freezers. I have a big package of chicken thighs thawed to cook on the grill later today. I want to make meals as easy as possible on this trip. I want to be able to spend good times with my sister. I hope we remember to take lots of pictures!!I think we will not go to Yucca. It is just too far. Want all my money saved for Indiana! ha I bet Cathy, Violet and I can get some shopping trips going!! Plus it is my turn to treat for the peddies!! Sure wish Penny didn't work so she could get to go on our ladies days out!
Have a great Monday!!!

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12-arrows said...

I love the tiles, they look amazing and with your red mixer really sets them off!