Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy, Busy two days!!! Went for my well woman check up Monday. I had set in that little room 45 minutes and was getting Po'd. I kept texting Russ about it, telling him if they didn't come soon I was leaving!!! Finally they came in and told me to undress. I text Russ and he texts back, please don't leave now!! LOL After that we went to Wal Mart . Went home for lunch and then to the Commissary. By the time I got everything put away it was dinner time so Russ cooked! ( Take out from Hendersons)

Today started with Russ seeing one of his Dr. Then we was off to Wal Mart for something I had forgotten, then to Lowes. While he was gone I put a turkey in the oven, cleaned the tiles in the kitchen, cleaned out the frig, polished all the stainless steel appliances and mopped and waxed the kitchen floor. Russ came home for lunch then went to the car wash. I cooked some cube steak to seal and Mike got home and cooked marinated chicken thighs and breasts for me to seal. I am trying to get things ready for my tiny freezer in the trailer. hopefully we won't have to eat out at all.

We got a note from friends in Yucca that they have full trailer hook ups in there yard that we can use so I guess we are going to Yucca too!Don and Marilyn Shore are always fun to be with.

We got word Russ' friend Bob Tyner is in Hospice and is expected to pass by next week. Prayers for his family.

Well, I am running out of steam. Later.......

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