Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday evening and all is tired!!! We have spent the day picking RV parks and getting routes. We are pretty much ready to go except.... We can't get the trailer out of storage until a lot comes open. The whole park is 100% full. We have to call everyday until they have one! It could take days as there is no reservations just first come first served. After we get it on the lot it has to be unwinterized. Then I can pack it and put groceries in. When we come home we will rent a lot and just keep it until we head for IN.

I have a big basket of cooked meats ready for the trailer freezer. I made one for Mike too. All he will have to do is make a salad and have dinner!!!

I am really feeling old! Tuesday our oldest grandson will be 26. Where did the years go? Seems like yesterday he was a knock kneed teen.

I am off here now. I will try to put up a few words from somewhere along the trip. Everyone stay well while we are gone!!

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