Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do you ever get so pissed off you can't see straight???? Friday evening we noticed we had no hot water. We waited until Monday morning to call the plumber so we didn't have to pay weekend rates. He showed up Monday afternoon, messed around and said he didn't have the part. Well he never came back with the right part. Russ called and raised he#$ this morning. He came with the "right" part, put it in and got the heater started. He left, I went in in a while to cook dinner and No hot water!!! Of course by that time they were closed!!! I am so tired of spit baths, cold showers, heating water to wash and rinse dishes I could scream!!! Got my Bray results today. My foot is not broken i just screwed up the soft tissue. He said it will take as long to heal as a break! I want to spring clean!!!!!! Russ said I could not climb a ladder to wash windows out side. We shall see!!!!! We ordered dish network today for the RV, the park in Monti doesn't have cable. Plus it seems like most parks we were at in AZ didn't have it either. Russ had Fox News withdrawal! LOL Russ just left for his COPS meeting. He has to stop at Wally World and get my pain meds and Mike spaghetti noodles for tomorrow. He texted while ago he needs them to feed 9 tomorrow. Always something! well, it is pj time and a whole lot of nothing! Have a good night!!!

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