Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Morning!! Not a lot going on here!! Did get the Dish Network put in the RV yesterday. Russ is at Lowes getting something to hide all the wires! You all say a pray for Russ brother Gerry. He had surgery to put a stint in his brain aneurysm today. Between him and Russ they keep the doctors busy!!! Trice is coming today and we are going to the Mall. I am getting a hair cut. I really am shaggy! I got the utility room and the garage all spring cleaned today. I started on the easiest! LOL Tomorrow will be the living room IF I can get the guys out of it. {Pray they sign the budget!!! Mike got a slip that he will be laidoff if it isn't signed!! They will have to suspend training on the firing ranges. No troop training. How sick is that?? Our leaders act like kids with their antics!! They may suspend troop pay!!! Only 3 weeks until the 1st of May!!! I still have the house to do and boy does the yard need work!!! It is cloudy today so no work out there!!! I best go see what is for lunch!! See ya

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