Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Oh my, it is so darn hot!! I have never seen it like this in April before!! Last year I didn't run AC until mid May! This year you can't breath without it!

Had my Dr. check. I have servere bone loss in the long bones of my legs. Here again the Dr. said I do things Ass backward! My spine is normal which is usually first to go. Most don't lose in the long bone. He also said my uric acid level was normal so I don't have gout and I could stop that horrid medicine! I got all my refills on meds so just one more Dr. to see tomorrow and we are done.

Everything but the very last of clothes and laptops are in the RV. I have a few groceries to pick up yet. Also i have to fight the heards at the license place and renew the drivers license. We went the other day but there was 100 people in line!!

I went and got all my hair cut off today. It is just too hot! The boys are miserable too so they go tomorrow for a short summer cut. They will be so excited. They love their new groomer so much. They just can't wait to get in the door!

This is going to be the last post. I just can't think of much to say and we are so busy! We will see you IN and MI people soon.
What do you Westphal people think of another get together this year???

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Ruth said...

Yes for a get together--and I am going to be there thisyear, no matter what!! Jacky is going to be in F'ville fromab out June 11 to the end of the month. would be great if we could do something while she is there!
Safe travel!!!