Friday, May 20, 2011

Good afternoon people!!!What a beautiful day! We went to town and Russ went out to his friends bait shop for worms! From there on to Wally World, just can't stay away!!! I got some more flowers to set out and was going to buy sodas but the Pepsi guy said Krogers had them half price so off to Krogers. Using my Krogers card I saved over $10. Plus I got 28 points for gas. Have 68 now and once I get to 100 Russ can save ten cents a gallon on gas. He did that last week and saved a bundle.

After we got home we walked the boys around the park and then I planted the flowers in pots. Now Russ is off fishing down on the lake.

Tonight the beach pizza parlor is open so we will go down and eat pizza for dinner. I have been cooking a lot. Yesterday I made chicken enchiladas in my little oven out on the picnic table. It is nice not having to heat up the house.

Yesterday our Niece Suzanne gave birth to a 9 pound baby girl named Emma Renee. This is a special baby as it is her husbands first. Suzanne has 4 and think the youngest is around 10 and oldest 18. This is the ages of my brothers and sisters when I was born. I can say with experience this will be one spoilt little girl. LOL Can't wait to hold her!!!!

We have flowers bought for out at the cemeteries for Memorial Day. This is the first time we will have been here to put some out. We got silk arrangements so hope they last awhile. We will take them out this week. We bought for Russ brothers too. Plus for my brother. Had to leave them all in Cathy's garage. This place is stuffed!!!

For all you Westphal's out there how does the last Sunday in June sound for our picnic??? That way Abby and Jacky could come.

Think it is nap time. Will keep u posted.


Ruth said...

That last Sunday is good for me. Let me know what I can do to help.
I went to all the cemeteries today before the storms started--Graceland for Mom and Dad, Francesville, Monon and Bedford. This whole week looked rainy and next week-end is Memorial Day and didn't particularly want to be out on the roads.
What is the name of the campground you are at??

12-arrows said...

that would be perfect! we will come early so if you need any help we will be available. Let us know the time, and will it be at the same park? looking forward to a wonderful visit!